A Few Words About Us

EDF Legal & Financial Advisory is a consultant firm founded by three distinguished professionals in the academic and professional area.
Its mission is the coordination of experiences with a view to facilitate and resolve legal and financial issues of
not only local but also of foreign entrepreneurships wishing to enlarge or carry on their business in Albania.

EDF has the vision to become a reference point for all the economic entities that are looking for high quality services in the legal and financial field.

The Albanian economy is coming out of the transition phase. There is growing needs and pressure on the part of businesses for a regulated and professional environment. The number, quality and size of foreign operations who are interested in collaboration has never been so high. The dynamic relations between operators, local and foreign, within the country and their increasing complexity raises the need for specialized professionals who can satisfy the needs of both local and international entities.

EDF’s engagement is based on what its founders represent: Professionalism, Ethics, and Transparency - a combination of expertise built along the academic and professional experience

in the well-developed countries. The experience gained abroad, integrated with the professional recognition and affirmation within the country makes EDF the perfect partner for every entity needing assistance in facilitation and resolution of a wide range of issues in the legal and financial field.