Investment Advisory

By setting clear investment objectives and guidelines we will give you key to developing a successful investment strategy. We will discuss with you all the factors that should be taken into consideration when clearly defining the objectives. Our research and knowledge enable us to create investment strategies for you that are innovative, tax-efficient and cost effective.

Fund Attraction

We give you opportunity to attract different types of capital to your business, such as bank loan, privet investments, different leasing schemes, international indirect investments, security offering and etc...

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Due Diligence

We will investigate all relevant aspects of the past, present, and predictable future of your company and evaluate your business opportunities. Our specialists will develop valuable due diligence reports and business analyses...

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Investment Plan Preparation

Through meetings and extensive dialogues, our investment professionals will develop a clear and concise document for your company, which will meet all the requirements of intended audience...

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Business Valuation

Understanding the factors that determine the value of your business will focus you on ways to increase your company short and long-run profitability. Business valuation is the greatest indicator of your financial success...

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M & A

EDF’s experts have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through each stage of the merger and acquisition process. We help clients develop appropriate growth strategies...

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